Workout While Trying To Conceive?

We can all agree that workouts are critical for a healthy and fit body. Together with a balanced diet and sufficient rest and sleep, exercise helps humans to have good physical and mental health. However, there are concerns about whether it is okay to work out while trying to conceive. What are the benefits if it is okay? And the side effects? Let us examine these issues at length.

Benefits of exercising while trying to conceive

You stand to gain a lot by starting an exercise routine and keeping an active lifestyle while trying to conceive. Workouts improve overall health and help to make your body ready for conception and pregnancy. It is common nowadays for experts such as the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) to encourage women who want to conceive to engage in more workouts. So, what are the benefits of being physically active when trying to get pregnant?

·       Prepare a perfect shape for conceiving

Frequent exercises help your body to be in the ideal shape for making a baby since it tones muscles, including the heart. The heart will have to work extra hard to pump about 50 percent more blood for both you and the baby.

·  Reduce stress and promotes sleep

Workouts are very effective in reducing stress, which according to several studies, has been identified as a great hindrance to the best conception efforts. Besides that, you will enjoy good sleep thanks to working out and sleep also helps to relieve stress and promote overall good health.

·  Fight obesity and reduce complications

Exercises are perfect for promoting healthy weight, and it is crucial since during pregnancy since trying to grapple with obesity is the last thing that you want. Being overweight can also increase the probability of complications during pregnancy, for instance preeclampsia and gestational diabetes.

·  Establish a good routine in advance

You will also have established a good routine before it gets less enjoyable to work out. Moreover, you will avoid the backaches and other pains that come with pregnancy and make delivery smoother.

·  Baby’s health benefits

If you observe an active lifestyle, you are likely to bring benefits to your baby of having long-term good health. Your child is also likely to be active if you are active.

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The intensity of exercise

The amount and intensity of your workouts when trying to conceive will depend on your previous lifestyle and routine. If you have had an active lifestyle all along, or moderately active, you should go on with the same intensity. Working out at the same level before and during pregnancy would be good. Those women who exercise vigorously, for example career athletes, should reduce their exercises to moderate levels. This especially the case if you have issues getting pregnant. Women who have had an inactive lifestyle should build up their level of workouts so that they observe about 150 minutes of aerobic activity per week. They should also do strength exercises two or more times per week that engage all of the major muscles.

While the above discussion relates to female workouts while trying to conceive, it is critical that their male partners also exercise to be fit and avoid being overweight. Obesity can lead to poor quality of sperm and even affect their quantity. It is also critical that women seek their physician’s advice when planning their routine to ensure that any underlying issues are addressed. 

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