Top 5 Astrology Apps

Astrology’s vast world can now be within your grasp with the aid of apps that combine age-old wisdom with cutting-edge tech magic. Here are some popular choices:

This app provides daily horoscopes with straightforward explanations, as well as an educational section covering planet positions and their relation to one another. In addition, paid compatibility readings and guidance from on-demand astrologers are available on demand.


Launched in 2017, Co-Star offers its 5 million+ users the ability to enter their time, date, and place of birth for daily horoscope predictions. Furthermore, Co-Star compares each individual natal chart against those of their friends (provided they also use Co-Star) in order to give insight into whether or not their compatibility might exist.

Banu Guler, one of the founders of Co-Star, explained to Mashable that her app utilizes data from NASA in conjunction with an AI program in order to offer personalized astrological experiences. According to Guler, Co-Star horoscopes differ from what might be found in magazines in order to mirror how you might discuss astrology with friends.

Gen Z has taken to this app, available exclusively on iOS devices until recently releasing it for Android on Friday.


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You Were Born for It

Chani Nicholas, who boasts over one million Instagram followers, offers this revolutionary guide for astrology as a tool of self-discovery and success to a new generation of readers. Gone are the days of vague predictions such as “you will meet your prince charming on Tuesday”, instead Nicole provides a modern and action-oriented approach for using star power for personal growth and spiritual evolution.

Snap takes privacy very seriously, and only uses your precise birth date and time for its Astrological Profile feature. Your birth data will never be shared with third parties or used for any other purposes – the app even enables you to delete this particular birth data at any time, by tapping on your avatar and selecting your birthday in settings.

Astro Guide

Astrology is the study of planets, stars and constellations and their impact on our lives. Astrology literally means “the language of the stars,” providing insight into past, present and future events.

While astrology apps still represent only a minor portion of App Store revenue, they are steadily gaining steam. Vice Media’s Astro Guide app has become one such example of this trend and attracted an audience in the millions across both digital properties and social channels owned by Vice.

Apps designed around astrology or horoscopes typically feature birth chart generators, compatibility calculators, planetary movements tracking features and push notifications. The cost associated with developing such apps varies based on complexity of development requirements as well as platforms being targeted.

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